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Pharmaceutical Injury Claims

How Can FDA-Approved Drugs Cause Injury or Death?

Personal injury, and even wrongful death, due to pharmaceutical products is surprisingly common in the United States. While drugs are supposed to be tested and approved by the FDA before being released to the general public for use, they are often improperly tested and rushed to the marketplace. Because of this, numerous unsafe over-the-counter and prescription medications are currently available, causing significant complications and injuries to consumers. In addition to this, poor labeling, deceptive practices by manufacturers and health care providers, and more make the existence of this problem even more widespread.

Did your child suffer injuries because of Zofran?

Some common causes of personal injury due to pharmaceuticals include:

  • Drugs that were defectively made or damaged during the manufacturing, labeling, or shipping process
  • Drugs that have been properly manufactured, but have dangerous side effects
  • Drugs that were improperly marketed by the manufacturer or even health care providers

Who is liable for my injuries?

From depression leading to increased suicide risk to heart attacks and death, there are a wide range of serious complications that can occur from taking defective medications. When this occurs, there is a chance that you may have cause for legal action against the culpable party. This responsible party can include anyone that takes part in the chain of distribution. For example, a manufacturer may have not performed adequate testing procedures or attempted to hide dangerous side effects, a pharmacist may have filled the prescription with the incorrect medication or dosage, or a physician may have prescribed the drug for the incorrect and unapproved use.

Trusted Dallas Defective Drug Lawyers

At the Harrelson Law Firm, our Dallas personal injury attorney has the knowledge, tools, and experience to help you file an effective injury claim. We can help you identify the exact party liable for your pharmaceutical injuries and fight to hold them responsible for their negligence. As an accomplished trial lawyer, our attorney is ready to take your case to court if it means getting a better case result. Maximizing your compensation is our firm’s goal, and we do whatever it takes to accomplish this.

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