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Steve Harrelson: Divorce Lawyer Dallas, TX

When you need to hire an experienced divorce lawyer in Dallas, call the Harrelson Law Firm today. Practicing family law in this corner of Louisiana can require in-depth knowledge not only of state laws in Louisiana, but also in Texas and Arkansas — if those state will play a role in your case — it also requires intricate knowledge of model and uniform laws that are triggered by the crossing of state lines with minor children when family law litigation is at issue.  Our family lawyers are licensed in Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas, and you can rest assured that you will be hiring an expert in family law to take your problems off your shoulders and are handing them to an expert.

Our firm is led by veteran litigators who are known for their aggressive representation and knowledge of the law.  Each case is uniquely tailored depending on the circumstances.  The difference in our firm is that immediately after consulting about your case, we will begin an intense investigation of your particular case in order to prepare a unique strategy for you.  Results matter as much to us and they do to you.

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Divorces in Louisiana normally require you to have grounds for the divorce.  Depending upon the grounds for your divorce, there are waiting periods that must be strictly adhered with, so it’s important that you call in order to get started.

Property Division: Division of Acquets & Gains

Dividing property in a divorce requires in-depth focus on all assets and debts acquired.  Louisiana is a “Community Property” state, and while there are subtle differences, the division of real estate, personal property, intangible property, retirement accounts, club memberships, pets, and investment portfolios requires a divorce lawyer Dallas, TX trusts.  The division of debts in a divorce can also be just as important as the division of assets.

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Divorce attorney Dallas, TX – Veteran Litigators

Child Custody

Perhaps the most intense portion of divorce litigation is setting out the parameters for child custody and visitation with the parties’ minor children.  This can require aggressive representation, and it can also require bringing in of medical and psychological experts in the most litigious of cases. Ancillary to these issues are issues of child support, health insurance, and an array of other rules that need to be implemented to ensure that your minor children will be able to make easy transitions during this difficult period.

While many divorces are resolved prior to trial or even prior to a formal mediation, this is not always the case.  Steve Harrelson is experienced in presenting divorce cases to judges throughout Louisiana, and even juries in Texas, where the law allows a jury to determine custody, visitation, and property disputes.  The most important thing is to receive a fair and just result from the court, and unfortunately, this sometimes requires taking your case to court.  Call a divorce lawyer Dallas, TX trusts today.

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