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Harrelson Law Firm Covenant with Clients

When you sign a contract or confirm an engagement letter with the Harrelson Law Firm, you are not just hiring a lawyer, and we aren’t just gaining a client.  You are getting a team of personal advocates who take on your case as if it is were our own.  We are all people along the same journey, and we understand that at times, you need someone in your corner.  If this is that time, the Harrelson Law Firm is the right team for you.  We will, together, formulate a unique strategy with a set of goals to meet together.  The lawyers at the Harrelson Law Firm won’t strategize for you or to you — we will prepare a strategy together.  This make our work more meaningful to us, and we want you to know that we personally care for the causes we take on.

This was the approach to law taken by Gene Harrelson (1944-2012), the Founder of the Harrelson Law Firm, and we were able to learn this approach first hand with Gene as our mentor.  Gene taught that the more you care for your clients and their concerns, the more meaningful and purposeful your work as a lawyer becomes.  This is the hallmark tactic at the Harrelson Law Firm, and we are trial lawyers because we believe in the people and causes for which we take on.

If we take on your case, you will leave your initial appointment with several items that will help put you at ease: (1) an itemized set of goals for your case based on a unique and tailored strategy; (2) a loose timeline for achieving these goals; (3) a personal cell phone number for the attorney working on your case; and (4) peace of mind that you have just acquired a team of skilled advocates that will immediately alleviate the concerns you’ve been carrying with you.

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